Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where To Order Caran d'Ache Crayons?

After recieving the tiny tin with the Caran d'Ache Neocolour II Watersolutable Wax Crayons, I began to do an internet search for loose crayons. I was wondering where they could be purchased in singles. I'm very picky when it comes to colours and which colours I use mostly. The one main colour I was missing in this set was.... Flesh! I was also missing the lighter pastel colours like pale blue, softer pink, salmon colours, different shades of brown and grey's and few dimmed coloured greens. Here began me search as I wanted to add these by me own pick of choice. This is what I found so far that are both easy to access and easy to use as colour referrences:

The basic set of 15 crayons are great for creating backgrounds and bright images other than portraits. As I like to stamp Magnolia, Gorjuss, Sweet Pea, Sarah Kay and Sugar Nellie, I'm totally missing the flesh colour in me collection. I firstly found an online artists shop called De Kwast . They sell the crayons as singles at a reasonable price and shipping fee. They wrap carefully and they ship out very quickly after you ordered! This are a Holland based wedshop.

Next I found an UK based webshop called Lawrence . They seem reasonable in price too and they sell singles aswell. This shop has a plus: they use a colourchart instead of showing the crayons itself. I find this particularly handy cause this way you can see the colour much better. I do not know how they are in packaging and shipping fees. Best is to ask them.

And just now tonight, right before writing this blog entry, I found another webshop and they are called Gerstaecker . They also sell the crayons as singles and from what I can see, the full range of available colours, this also includes a few metallic colours. And they sell the flesh colour. I ordered a few colours and will find out how their packaging is and how fast they handle things. They price per crayon is very reasonable but they charge more shipping fee than De kwast. So I reckon their packaging will be very good! They ship to both Netherlands and Belgium. Their website says, Europe's Biggest Webshop For Artists so think they will ship to other European countries aswell. Best to ask tho prior to ordering.

I will be playing with these crayons for hours! I've coloured one Gorjuss stamp image already with these and for a first timer, it came out well. I didnt have the flesh colour at the time of colouring this but I will be trying them more as soon as I have the flesh colours :) Will keep you updated on that!

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