Saturday, March 9, 2013


I also want to share this lay out with you. It is the first lay out that I made of me brother and I. We are rarely on a photo together as I am usually the one taking photo's of him. This photo of us was made by me mum.

To create this lay out, I've used the Graphic 45 Bird Song 12x12 paper sheets. It took me several days to get everything right, right how I wanted it to be. The black backing paper shows small images of chinese star signs, funnily enough, Graphic 45 added the Rooster and Dragon to this paper. Both are our star signs, me brother is a Rooster and I am a Dragon in Chinese Astrology. That made this paper simply perfect for this photo. The floral frame was from another Bird song paper which I've cut, painfully handstitched with DMC gold yarn. I've fussycutted the flowers, birds and postal stamps. I've used store brand 3D flower stickers, to add some depth into the lay out. The black frame is a Prima Marketing resin frame which I've painted black with acrylic paint and added some gold ink to make it look antique. The titel is from Making Memories Sabrina alphabet stickers. I'm particularly proud of this lay out cause it's me brother and me and both our chinese star signs are featured in the paper.

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  1. Wauw i love this layout!
    And i love this picture!

    Kiss sammiej


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